JTC1 SC35 WG8 User Interfaces for Remote Interaction

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Working group convener: Gottfried Zimmermann

Universal Remote Console (URC) Standard

Working Group 8 of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35 User Interfaces has developed a 5-part international standard on a Universal Remote Console framework.

Editor of ISO/IEC 24752 is Dr. Gottfried Zimmermann.

Executive Summary

ISO 24752 on Universal Remote Console (URC) enables full functioned remote operation of products. It also allows operation of products through intermediate devices and intelligent agents. The URC standard builds on existing network and communication standards, adding components and capabilities as necessary to allow for user interface descriptions that are standardized, flexible and versatile.

The URC standard is network neutral; it works with diverse networking and control technologies including Universal Plug and Play, OSGi, etc. The standard describes methods a product can use to provide user interface information for any remote console or artificial agent. This information is sufficient to construct a full-function user interface for the product without any prior knowledge of the product or product type. The methods also allow direct access to the functionality of the product; an individual can execute a specific command without having to walk menus in order to get to it. Entirely visual, entirely audio, or natural language interfaces can all be constructed from the information provided by the product. URC devices with little or no visual display, including devices with speech input and output capabilities, can be used, or URCs can make full use of Digital TV home theater displays.

The URC standard also allows companies to project very custom user interfaces, specific to a particular device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android devices) or any controller device of their choice.

OpenURC Alliance

The OpenURC Alliance is a consortium for the implementation and promotion of the URC standards. This includes the development of implementation guidelines and certification tools. Any organization can become a member of the OpenURC Alliance.

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